Can I Use my UK No Claim Bonus in the USA & Get Discounts?

Question: One of my relatives recently moved to California for work from the UK. She is telling me that they are not counting her UK driving history and wanting to charge a lot of money to her like a novice driver. Is there vehicle insurance carriers who would accept foreign driving history or at least no claim bonuses? What does she need to do to get the savings if there is?

Answer: Some companies may not be accommodating to foreign drivers. However, it should not be a problem for a UK driver to prove no claim history. If they could bring a confirmation from their previous insurer in the UK of how long they have not had a claim they should be able to get some discounts. Luckily, the documents would be in English to make life easier. Also, if they bring a confirmation from DVLA (UK equivalent of DMV) that they have a clean driving license in the UK they should get further discounts.

Not every company would offer all the discounts and some companies may actually charge a surcharge for foreign driving licenses. If they assume that foreign drivers needs to adopt to US conditions they may charge for the additional risk for the adaptation period.

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