Stay Off the Roads at Certain Times & Avoid Accidents

Being on the wrong place in the wrong time is a good explanation for accidents that many drivers like. Then, they may avoid the suggestions that they did something wrong to cause the crash. This can actually be true for certain hours and days.

New Year and holiday breaks, extremely icy or foggy conditions and when you have a bad state of mind can be some of the examples. By staying away from their automobiles in such periods motorists can reduce claims and car insurance rates.

One study carried out by Progressive Insurance is a good example. The company finds that in the week of new years’ eve single vehicle crashes increase considerably compared to two weeks before and after.

According to the information provided by this firm single auto related claims increased about thirty percent in the given period. Most noticeably single vehicle rollovers rose over seventy percent. One auto running off the road and hitting something increased nearly sixty percent. These are quite indicative numbers for anyone to take notice.

Generally, experts warn to avoid traveling in such times. Even you are sober and in control there is a chance that you get mangled into a crash because of other drunk or tired drivers. Making alternative arrangements after new years’ parties or returning home early enough could save you a lot of hassles. Nobody wants to start a new year with an accident in the early hours.

We all know that in bad weather conditions we do not want to be on the roads if we do not have to. We see that normally a nice stretch is littered with cars skidded off the road or broken down on the side.

Experienced drivers should know to watch the weather reports and be prepared by getting grocery shopping done earlier and finishing other urgent business. Even though you may only be going couple of blocks the risks are higher. You do not want to be one of those motorists stranded and filmed by news crews. You just want to be home in time to watch the news.

Occasionally overconfidence can be a problem as well. Even though they may not be in no state to operate anything they cannot see this. Driving after drinking, following a bad news or carrying on when you are clearly exhausted are some of the good examples.

In some large cities there are companies who can send someone with a scooter and take you home with your vehicle. Searching for similar solutions beforehand can save a lot of aggravation. And you can enjoy the evening with the knowledge that you do not need to worry about getting home.

A few small solutions like above can save you from the scares of accidents and save on auto insurance premiums. If you really want to get great rates and keep them you need to be sensible about driving most of the time. And watch out for the obvious signs and advises especially in the circumstances described above. They are based on statistical data that is highly accurate and relevant.

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