What Would Happen if Thieves Have Taken the Keys & the Car?

My boss left his keys on his desk at the office. We have an high street office. And some guys came in and asked some questions. Next thing we knew they were gone. When we checked his automobile it was gone too. It was a BMW with electric locking. They must have just beeped it on the street and drive off.

He is upset and worried that insurance will not pay. If there is no break-in you will have a hard time proving theft. In his case there were really no break-in because they had the keys. Also, he was grossly negligent in this case, leaving them in the open.

What would the auto insurance companies respond be to such a claim? Would they pay or blame the policyholder and get out of it.

This is a classic case of being by thieves. There is a high chance that BMW will never be seen again as it is probably in one of the chop shops already being dismantled as we speak. This shows that you should always be on the watch out for your possessions. Otherwise you may be an easy target and they will be laughing at you all the way.

The bottom line is that the car has been stolen. Unless it is proven that the owner has something to do with its disappearance other than not looking after his keys, he should be paid. He has not set the theft up to claim for the car has he? There would not be any point in that since he would only get its open market value and he could have achieved it by selling it anyway. A good insurer wouldn’t normally put up a fight for the claim or argue otherwise. But they will have to go through their questions and checks.

This is a good argument for being with a decent company. If it is aiming to please their customers they would look at the claim and see that they should pay. However, if it is looking for ways of getting out of claims they can at least make it difficult for the policyholder in this case.

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