Would Insurance Pay if I Left the Keys Behind and the Car Is Stolen?

Surprising numbers of auto thefts don’t even require break in because keys are readily available. People tend to leave them all over the places like offices, restaurants or even on the ignition. All they need to do is to go outside and beep it and see which vehicle will respond. Actually, many motorists don’t even realize what they have done wrong.

It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure that sufficient measures are put in place to protect the car at all times. They are reminded of this point in policies very clearly. Insuring the vehicle doesn’t take away or reduce this obligation. Failing to act accordingly may result in denial of claims. You cannot expect someone else to bail you out when you acted pretty ignorantly.

In such cases, most auto insurers would look at the intentions of the policyholder and try to figure out if there is a deliberate attempt to get rid of the automobile by making it easy to steal. When you leave the keys conveniently nearby or on it you encourage them to have a go. It would literally be a child’s play since a teen could pick it up and run with it.

Still, people may be able to get away with gross negligence of this level but there would be many questions and even an investigation. So, you should watch your words when talking to a loss adjuster after such an incident.

The bottom line is that the car has been stolen. Most automobile insurers would pay unless it is proven that the owner has something to do with its disappearance other than not looking after his or her keys. It has to be assumed (due to lack of evidence) that he or she hasn’t set the theft up to claim for the car.

There would not be any point in that since he would only get its open market value and he could have achieved it by selling it anyway. A good insurer wouldn’t normally put up a fight for the claim or argue otherwise. But they will have to go through their questions and checks.

There is a good argument here for choosing a decent company. If they were aiming to please customers they would see them as victims here. However, they can at least make it difficult for the policyholder when they are keener to avoid paying out. In any case, people should mind where they put their car keys since this is a common occurrence all over the country.

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