Do New Policyholders Get Cheaper Car Insurance Prices?

Discounts can sometimes work in funny ways. You may think that you need to be a loyal customer to get the best deals. But someone else can manage to get cheaper car insurance rates from your existing automobile insurer from day one. This happens quite often in various product lines as companies offer intensives to attract new customers.

Rival companies must offer something better to persuade policyholder to switch. They spend tons of money trying to get those new applicants fill up quote forms. It would be silly to let them walk away without trying utmost best. Many companies openly offer discounts to people who switch. For example, Esurance trademarked Switch & Save and they offer 5% discounts for new customers as well as many other savings including up to 10% on full premium payment and up to 5% if you buy the policy online.

Even getting a new quote from your current vehicle insurance provider can save you money. There are many examples to this. You would ask how would this be possible. First of all, they would not check that you are insured with them currently. Therefore, they may treat you as a new customer and offer discounts that are higher than any loyalty discounts they might have offered. New customers get discounts straightaway. However, most companies offer loyalty discounts after you stay with them several years.

Furthermore, any changes in your circumstances might not have been taken into account when your current insurer offers you renewal terms. For example, you may have had improvements on your credit score that could qualify you for further savings. Companies don’t check insurance credit score at each renewal and therefore they wouldn’t know the improvements.

It is not difficult to find another example. If you had a traffic violation ticket and license points three years ago it would come off your DMV records about now. Again, companies don’t check your latest driving history before they offer renewal terms. So, they wouldn’t know about the improved records and not offer you the discounts you deserve. In fact, your renewal terms may be computer generated based on the information you provided at the time you got the first car insurance quote from them.

I would say; don’t hesitate or hold back on getting alternative auto insurance quotes. The worst that can happen is you lose a few minutes of your time. We spend hours on the internet God knows for what. If you like you could just call your current insurer and ask if there is anything they could do to lower your rates. They may ask you series of questions to see if you qualify for any¬†discounts they haven’t considered before. You never know, you can save yourself couple of hundred dollars thanks to one phone call.

You need to be active, ask questions and seek quotations if you want cheap auto insurance. Doing nothing and hoping that your insurer will offer better rates than anyone else is naive to say the least. Besides, don’t you want to know if you are being treated fairly by your insurer or not? You can quickly find it out and decide what to do afterwards. Many people choose to stay with their current insurers even though they know there is a cheaper policy somewhere else.

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