Is Insurance Higher for Red Cars?

This is one of those mythical questions motorists often ask. There are many factors that affect auto insurance rates and this isn’t one of them. The answer is the same for a question like what color cars are cheaper to insure. Its shade has nothing to do with how much premium you pay. You need to concentrate on things that actually matter if you want to avoid paying too much or save a bit of money.

Are underwriters concerned with the choice of paint used in an automobile? Definitely no. Checking many quote forms reveals that they don’t have any question about color at all. That means it isn’t one of the things they worry about. Also, we checked through several well-known carriers’ websites and found clarification that they are not interested in knowing if the car is grey, white, red, blue, black or yellow. Also, several authorities like the III confirm that it has no bearing on premium.

However, specifications of cars affect the prices a lot. To give an accurate quote, carriers want to know the make, model, age, engine size and body type. These are all important and statistically relevant details. For example, today insurers know which types of automobiles cause more injuries and which ones protect their passenger better or which ones are more likely to be involved in high-speed collisions and incorporate this knowledge into their premium calculations.

Your and other listed drivers’ experience and claim records are other big determinants. For example, a bad driver wanting to insure a high risk vehicle would substantially increase the costs. And a good motorist with a low risk minivan can get cheap rates.

What Makes People Think Red Autos Cost More to Insure?

A recent survey found out that approximately 40% of motorists believe this myth. Similar surveys show that drivers don’t know many other things that actually influence costs, like their zip code. If you are experienced and have a safe automobile you can get decent quotes. And these are the other influential factors.

People hear stories and start believing them. One of the explanations is that police officers notice bright red vehicles more than the others and may have tendency to stop and ticket them. Even it may be the case that doesn’t prove any direct link between color and premiums. Speeding tickets can increase people’s rates, regardless of what they were driving.

Another explanation is that red is associated with sports cars like Ferrari and Porsche and they are usually higher risk than the more modest automobiles. However, performance cars’ hefty costs are more to do with their engine capacity and speed and silver or black ones are as expensive.

Also, some people argue that certain hues may affect people’s mood. For example, white may have a calming affect while bloodshot automobile may provoke. These are just conjecture and the bottom line remains the same. Currently, underwriters don’t consider the color to be an influential factor.

So, there is no need to worry that you will pay more for vehicle insurance for owning a maroon convertible or ruby minivan. If rates are too high, you need to look at other details to pay less and shop around for the best prices. You can do that right here.