Get Car Insurance Quotes without Personal Information

People may be paying twice higher premiums than they should but still can be quite reluctant to check alternative prices. Make no mistake; this is the only way you will find the most competitive companies in your state. Most motorists are particularly concerned to give sensitive information like driver license or social security number just to get an auto insurance quotation.

Today, you can obtain quotations as anonymously as you want. Most insurers already know what puts people off completing their proposal forms on their website and therefore keep their questions to minimum. This increases the completion rate and still can be pretty accurate.  

The beauty of the Internet is that you can always click away when you are annoyed with the types of questions or the particulars asked.

Getting a Quote Is Different from Buying a Policy

They get people through the door. Filling all the forms accurately and issuing a policy comes after they manage to win you over with a great price and coverage. So, why complicate things when large numbers of drivers already think that comparison shopping is confusing and time consuming. That is why carriers refrain from encroaching on people’s privacy since they can work out a premium without personally identifiable information.

You don’t normally need to give sensitive details about yourself if you are only testing waters. Once you are happy with the price and want to buy the automobile insurance coverage they can take full particulars and do whatever checks they want. But just the basic details are enough at this stage.  

They can check the facts through certain agencies anytime. And they normally need your social security number to carry out checks like credit score. However, they rather ask you the relevant questions about driving, claim and credit history and take your word for it. They don’t want to go through the trouble of checking them before they know they sold it. Remember, they are only offering an estimate at this stage, not coverage. Besides, it is the applicants’ responsibility to present facts accurately.

How to Get Vehicle Insurance Quotes without Personal Info

Actually, many people think just like you and aren’t happy with intrusive questions. That is why they prefer the Internet that requires minimal details. Even though an insurance quote doesn’t affect credit score you probably don’t want it to be checked too many times.

Today, nearly all companies offer online prices and most of them don’t require social security or driver license numbers. You can find them from offline sources like agents even if you don’t want to answer these intrusive questions. Most probably they don’t ask anyway.

You don’t have to give away anything that worries you. However, you need to answer the questions to the best of your knowledge because answers can be checked and confirmed at a later stage. It may even happen after you have a claim on the policy. A lie caught once you have a claim can be problematic.

What Information Is Needed to Get Car Insurance Quotes?

You will still need to answer a series of questions to calculate the rates though. These are the address the automobile is kept at night, type of coverage required, name, contact, age, gender, driving experience, recent claims, tickets, credit score, yearly mileage, particulars of the vehicle and other drivers.

Most people are also concerned that they will receive too many calls and emails once they give contact details out. This may be the case with some proposal forms that sell the leads to other agents. In that case you can avoid them.

Here, we provide the latest offers from top carriers and you can go directly to their official pages. We don’t collect or keep anything on our platform.

Usually, most established carriers don’t allocate resources to chase after people who checked prices with them. Large companies give out millions of quotations a year online and it defeats the purpose if they need to employ people to follow them up. If you are still concerned you can provide an e-mail address you hardly use. Most people have a few of them already. You can even create a new one for free within a couple of minutes just for this purpose.

It is sensible to be cautious and take necessary precautions. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t prevent you from saving hundreds of dollars by comparing. There are too many scaremongers who may tell you that data provided can be stolen or sold out to criminals. It can be stolen from a computer even if you don’t give them out. You need to protect them at all times online and offline. You will be fine as long as you are on a secure website that doesn’t ask for sensitive information anyway.

If you are not still convinced you can check how much is the average premium in your state on that page. But rates applicable to each person could be much higher or lower than the median prices.