Cheap Teenage Car Insurance with Student Discounts

The problem with insuring teenagers is the lack of evidence to prove that they are responsible drivers. On the contrary, statistics indicate that they cause a lot more accidents than older motorists. However, there is a way of showing that you take things a lot serious than a typical youngster. That is by being better than average at school and qualifying for cheap vehicle insurance with student discounts.

Usually motorists between the ages of 16 to 25 years of age are considered for these special rates. They need to be in full time high school or college education and achieve better than average grades. Then, they can qualify for more affordable teenager automobile insurance with around 15% discounts.

Carriers will want proof of commendable success to offer more affordable student rates. Transcript of grades achieved or confirmation letters from schools will be required. A certificate signed by the headmaster or other official is accepted as well. One of the following achievements will satisfy them in most cases.

–          Being a good student with average B grade or higher.  By pulling aces on the subjects you are good at you can push up the average.

–          Being within the upper 20% of the class will be accepted too. You don’t need to be top of the class that suggests underwriters look for ways to help.

–          Making the honor lists and being rewarded for commendable achievement.

Keeping your head down and studying to get better marks is a sign of responsible young person. This is an indication that you will not be reckless while driving too. Therefore, risk of accidents will be lower comparably that they are happy to offer the lowest possible car insurance premiums.

Some companies specialize on student policies and can offer a lot more savings than others. However, their saying so is not enough to go with them. Most traditional firms will provide as good discounts as any specialist firm without making much noise about it. They have enough expertise within underwriting teams to put together affordable policies.

That is why you should get several quotes and compare them. The likely savings can vary between twenty and thirty percent depending on the provider. It is a large sum for most that cannot be ignored. Take the time to find the best rates. There is a simple logic that is applicable here. Shopping around pays the most when you need to spend large. If the cost is $2,000, even only %10 better price would mean you will pay $200 less.

It would be great motivation if getting a car were dependant on good grades. They would reach two goals when they put a decent effort to do better in exams. Spending less for one child would be lovely. However, there are many families across America who have several children of similar age. They could alleviate the burden on household budget if all children can get the most competitive premiums.

Considering average auto insurance rates for teenagers are 2.5 times higher than for drivers over the age of twenty-five, these reductions will go a long way. When they are applied to high premiums, the savings in terms of dollar amounts will be sizeable. Therefore, pushing for those targets have several meaningful benefits for now and in the future.

Besides, there is hardly any other way of getting discounts in early years. They don’t have experience, coverage history, good credit score and don’t own home. These are the key areas you need to score well for better prices. Taking advanced driving courses may be the other option. Other than that they will be facing the rates applied to every other teenager in the country. How else vehicle insurers will know the difference between a cautious and reckless one anyway?