Can Someone Else Drive my Car If I Have Insurance?

Occasional drivers concern policyholders more often than them driving someone else’s cars. The following question are quite common; I want to be sure that my friends are covered by my policy when I occasionally allow them drive my car. If there is an accident I want to only deal with my insurance, rather than chasing my friends for payment. Can someone else drive my car if I have full coverage auto insurance and be covered under my policy for everything? Find answers below.

Can Someone Else Drive my Car If I Have Insurance?

With a standard policy occasional drivers would be covered for liability and damages to the insured vehicle (if there is such coverage). However, you should still check your policy. Some policies may exclude drivers under certain age specifically. Cheap auto insurance policies would have such conditions to reduce the risks. They may have a condition that you must not allow any driver under the age of, say, 25. Other than that it should be fine to let your friend to drive your car once in a while.

Do I Save on Insurance if Only Listed Drivers Drive?

Furthermore, there are policies that allow only listed drivers (no occasional drivers) to drive the insured automobile. These policies may have such conditions because they offer considerable discounts compared to standard policies. Quite a few people are happy with this arrangement. They don’t anticipate anyone else driving their cars and therefore they would rather have the savings now. It is not a bad way of saving money when you know exactly who would be allowed to drive the vehicle. Also, it is a good excuse not to allow anyone else to drive your automobile. So, check your policy or call your agent/insurer.

As mentioned above standard policies may provide coverage for occasional drivers. However, the idea of limiting the drivers to those who are listed on the vehicle insurance policy can be used successfully to save money. You can test it at your next renewal and see if there is going to be enough savings to make the sacrifice.

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