Can Someone Else Drive my Car If I Have Insurance?

It may be easy to just hand over the keys but owners are responsible for accidents and tickets involving their vehicles. People don’t care much about who was behind the steering wheel at times and go after the owner, as they know that usually insurance follows the car.

So, never think that a question may be silly and ask before you let it happen. And consider the worst-case scenarios. You may be good friends but when it comes to dealing with thousands of dollars of damages you must be able to trust your insurer to pay for it, and not hope that someone else will come up with the money.

Therefore, you need to check the occasional driver coverage before letting someone else take a spin with it. People are often asked for these favors. It is best to ensure you are protected against the losses they may cause.

Would my Full Coverage Car Insurance Include a Friend?

If you have a standard liability only policy it would pay for others injuries and damages and not include occasional driver’s own injuries or damages to the vehicle. Also, the friend’s liability coverage (if he or she has) would act as secondary should yours not be sufficient to pay for the whole claim.

A standard full coverage policy would insure someone else, who is rarely using the vehicle with permission, against third party liability claims, and include Collision and Comprehensive for damages to the vehicle. In both cases, claim would be registered on your name and you would face premium increases starting from the next renewal. Also, you would have to settle the deductibles out of pocket.

However, you should still check to make sure because not all of them comes with standard provisions these days, as there are so many hybrid packages with special conditions and restrictions.

Some policies may exclude people under certain age. Some companies attach such restrictions to reduce the risks and premiums. They may have a condition that prevents anyone under the age of, say, 25. Sports and utility vehicles often have this type of limitations because experience is essential to handle them. Otherwise, it should be fine to let a friend ride your car once in a while.

Do Listed Drivers Only Auto Insurance Save Money? 

Furthermore, there are policies that allow only listed (no occasional) drivers. These may have such conditions because they offer considerable discounts compared to standard ones. Quite a few people are happy with this arrangement. They don’t anticipate anyone else using their cars and therefore they would rather spend less now.

You can always get this limitation lifted by paying the additional cost anyway. It is not a bad way of saving money when you know exactly who would be allowed to use the vehicle. Also, it is a good excuse to turn down people if you don’t like the idea of lending it. So, check the documents or call the agent.

As mentioned above standard coverage may include an acquaintance or a relative wanting the keys on a rare case. However, the idea of limiting the drivers to those who are listed on the schedule can be used successfully to save money. You can test it at the next renewal and see if it is worth going through the trouble or sacrifice.

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