How Do Driving Habits Influence Auto Insurance Premiums?

There are a number of aspects that are considered before a motorist can be granted significant reduction on automobile insurance. While some of factors cannot be determined by policy holders, others are within their control. Age is for example a factor to determine how much you will need to pay but no one can control his / her age. Driving history is one factor influenced directly by policyholders.

A motorist’s driving history showing accidents will attract a scrutiny on whether you were to blame or the other party with whom you were involved in an accident. If it is determined that you were totally at fault in a particular accident, the premiums for you will be all time high considering that you may repeat the same scenario again. On the other hand, if you have a traffic ticket that shows that you were involved in an accident and it was not your fault, you are unlikely to see premium hikes.

Premiums are also affected upwards or downwards by how a driver has been doing in the last few years. Any depiction of dangerous or careless driving on the part of the driver seeking auto insurance will result in much higher premium quotes. This is because the vehicle insurance company knows it may end up paying claims based on your past history. The contrary is true if you have a clean driving past.

There are cases where the premiums may go up slightly owing to a past collision where the insured was not responsible at all. Many people may get surprised at this but insurers claim that although you may not be the one to blame, there might be a way in which you may have prevented the accident. When on the road, you are responsible for your attitude, speed and the way you give indications or take heed to road signs. As mentioned, this may only affect slightly but not as bad as when it was all your fault.

Apart from accident history, another key area of concern to insurers and that makes them to hike car insurance premiums is traffic tickets. Traffic tickets are given to drivers who violate road regulations though they may not have caused any accidents. For example a driver who is speeding or moving slowly against the set speed limit at a given road. The more traffic tickets you have, the higher premiums may go. Tickets are indicative of a driver who can easily cause an accident making the insurer to spend more on them. Not having any tickets is a sign of a safe driving hence you receive very friendly rate quotes.

Apart from what we have discussed in this article already, there are various other factors that may be considered like the road worthiness of your car and the distance you cover over a year. Companies may consider all these or part of them but at the same time make sure that they are making a significant profit as well as attracting more clients.

As the person insured or seeking car insurance cover, it is expedient to keep safe driving habits and your driving history remain as clean as possible. Over time, you may need a refresher driving course to make sure that you are at sync with all traffic regulations. This is especially true when someone appear to be picking up too many tickets or involving in accidents.

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