How Long Can You Be without Auto Insurance?

There may be several circumstances in which you would want to know if you could still drive your automobile even though it isn’t insured. Some people may be under the impression that their insurers would offer a grace period for late car insurance payments or renewals. That is why they may think that they have more time to arrange the coverage than they actually have.

Also, people may need to buy a new vehicle and not sure if they can just drive home and then find the best coverage for it, rather than having to buy expensive or not suitable policy in a hurry. Only if you have already got a policy in place for another vehicle your carrier may insure your new auto for few days. If you have no coverage at all, there is no insurance to fall back to. That should make you think twice before getting behind a steering wheel of an uninsured auto because you can pay dearly for something that may appear to a simple oversight.

Can You Drive without Insurance?

There has to be an insurance policy in place before an automobile can be operated. Driving is the key here. The answer is simple;

You cannot drive without insurance even for one yard or for a minute. It is a crime to operate a motor vehicle without insurance. And you will face serious consequences if you get caught on the road with no insurance, including suspension of your license.

Circumstances may be different if you have a car that is just sitting in your garage. It is not a crime to keep an uninsured vehicle as long as it is off the road. However, DMV would want an explanation as to why your vehicle isn’t insured. Unless you fill the appropriate forms to confirm that is off the road and not driven you may keep getting fines from DMV.

For most motorists it is unimaginable not to insure their cars. It is not because they are so law-abiding citizens. Rather, they know the possible damages they may have to face on their own if they get involved in an accident while uninsured. Potentially, they may lose thousands of dollars in damages to their own vehicle and they may be sued for damages to others’ property and injuries.

It isn’t really worth taking a chance when it comes to insuring automobiles, renewing policies and making premium payments. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Even if you borrow someone else’s vehicle you should make sure that it has coverage. You should also make sure that your policy covers whomever operate it. As the owner, it is your responsibility to make sure.

You may think that it will cost a fortune to buy auto insurance, especially if it is your first time. You may have had one or two expensive quotes already. Nevertheless, you should keep looking for a policy you can afford before foregoing a valuable protection. You can get the ball rolling by getting several automobile insurance quotes right here and see if this website can help you find a policy that meets your requirements and isn’t over your budget.

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