Is It Illegal To Not Have Car Insurance?

Majority of motorists wouldn’t even dream of driving their vehicles if it is uninsured and it isn’t because they care about the laws. They know the problems they can face if they don’t have the means to pay for possible damages and injuries. Legal side of insurance requirements usually comes second to its usefulness.

Auto insurance is regulated by state authorities and therefore rules and requirements may differ from state to state. However, it is a legal requirement to buy at least liability auto insurance or meet financial responsibility requirements in every state.

In 47 states and the District of Columbia, it is illegal to operate a vehicle without liability insurance. In Virginia you could get away with paying uninsured motor vehicle fee for one year only. It is currently around $500 and it doesn’t provide you the benefits of an insurance policy. New Hampshire and Mississippi are the other two states where you could post bonds rather than insuring your vehicle.

Considering it is probably easier to buy a policy than meet financial responsibility requirements, you could say that it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle without insurance in the US. In other words it a crime to drive an uninsured car. You also need to make sure that the policy covers permissive drivers who may operate your auto.

Most states monitor insurance status of cars through DMV. That means you don’t need to be caught behind the wheel to get penalized. They know if your auto is insured or not and they can take action.

You will not probably be put in jail for this crime unless this is a repeat incident or attached to reckless driving accident. However, you may face severe penalties and fines depending your state. You could lose your driving license and license plates of your automobile. It will also be costly to get them back. Consequently, some people may even lose their job if they lose their license.

If you ever drive an uninsured car for whatever reason you would be taking a huge risk. First of all, who is going to pay for damages in case of an accident? You may not care much about damages to your old clunker but it doesn’t end there. Third parties will probably sue you for their damages if you are at fault.

Furthermore, some states have “no pay no play” rules that prevent uninsured drivers making claims on other drivers, even if they were at fault.

Car insurance may not be as expensive as you think. Some people are put off by expensive quotes. However, there are hundreds of companies to go to and there is a high chance one of them will offer affordable coverage. That is why you should take your time and get several quotes to compare.

Finding an affordable policy may take time. However, it would take a lot more time and money to deal with the consequences of getting caught without insurance. Probably the best option is to use a comparison site like this one so that you could find a few companies in one place. This will reduce the time it takes to get quotes while not preventing you from going direct.

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