Cheap Auto Insurance Rates in Hawaii

It is one of the most expensive states to live in the US. Residing in a constant tourist destination comes with a hefty price. The land is expensive and food is mostly brought from outside that increase living costs for the residents. However, 900,000 licensed Hawaiian drivers can enjoy cheap vehicle insurance. And perhaps because of it, numbers of uninsured motorists appear to be moderate and below the national average. Being in small islands, it is harder to break the laws and escape detection.

In 1959, it became the 50th and most recent to join the United States of America. It has over 1.4 million permanent residents, plus many visitors. It is the 8th-smallest, 11th-least populous, but 13th-most densely populated state. Its ocean coastline is roughly 750 miles long, which is fourth in the US after Alaska, Florida and California.

It comprises hundreds of islands spread over 1,500 miles. It is the only territory located in Oceania and the only one made up entirely of islands. It is the northernmost island group in Polynesia. Hawaii and Alaska are the only two states that are not connected to the rest of the country. It is the only one not located in the Americas and with an Asian majority.

Automobile Insurance Laws

Cheap Auto Insurance HawaiiLike the rest, it has basic liability requirements as well and here they are;

  • $20,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $40,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $10,000 for property damage.

Hawaii No-Fault Auto Insurance Requirements: Minimum coverage must include Personal Injury Protection (PIP) for you and family of $10,000 per person. Its PIP pays for medical expenses but don’t include lost wages, death or funeral expenses. These can be bought as separate option. Each driver (and family members) claims against his/her own policy for injuries sustained in an accident, instead of making claims against the other drivers or their carriers, as part of the no-fault system.

No Points System: It does not have a license points system for traffic violations. Nonetheless, too many traffic convictions can result in suspension of a license. So, it isn’t all carefree and authorities step in when they have to.

Don’t Allow Credit Check: The Aloha state is one of the only 3 that don’t allow credit check for premium calculation purposes. The other two are California, and Massachusetts. So, you will have no problem finding vehicle insurers that don’t check credit here. When they are not allowed to consider the score they are forced to heavily rely upon experience and driving records. This creates a problem especially just after a claim or traffic ticket because rates go up much more than usual, especially if you have good score. This is not the case when they can look at other factors before they increase premiums. In such cases, details like good credit cushion the impact of an accident that result in lower price increases. Especially in these three jurisdictions insurance can go up a lot after accidents. It probably doesn’t matter if you have poor credit. But you wouldn’t like to lose a nice discount for simply having a good score, if you have it.

Optional Coverage for Natural Disasters: Paradise of the Pacific is vulnerable to tsunamis, volcanic lava flows, hurricanes, flooding and earthquakes. This is perhaps the price of living in a paradise. Most of these disasters are included in a standard Comprehensive coverage and it is optional. You should consider adding this on top of liability. And if you buy it you should check to make sure the policy includes all of these natural disasters without any exclusion.

How Much Is Car Insurance in Hawaii?

We have already mentioned a few natural disasters that can affect auto rates in the Islands of Aloha. Also, it is a no-fault state that usually increases prices. However, those effects don’t appear to be notable here. Average premium expenditure per vehicle is $739 in Hawaii and it is about $100 cheaper than the national average. You can also get affordable full coverage quotes here, as the estimated average is $1,049, which is 20% lower than the US.

The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Hawaii

It appears as you can see below that a basic liability only policy is relatively affordable here. This indicates that they aren’t much concerned about vehicular accidents here. Instead they may be more concerned about the other factors like natural disasters. Also, these figures suggest that most policyholders have full coverage that includes Comprehensive and Collision because they are close to each other.

  1. Allianz Auto, $192
  2. American Automobile, $192
  3. Fireman’s Fund, $192

Above are the most economical automobile insurance companies at the moment and the prices quoted are for basic liability. They offer low rates across including Honolulu. Don’t think that you can get these prices from every carrier in your zip code. Without a doubt, you may get over 3 times higher quotes from more expensive ones. This shouldn’t discourage and you should keep checking for lower rates.

How to Reduce Car Insurance Premiums Here

You can always talk to an independent broker about your requirements. You can also check, compare quotes and make a policy purchase online as usual. You should use these resources to get affordable deals. Like the rest of the country motorists are expected to work for discounts. First of all, they should avoid accidents and consequently claims as well as traffic tickets by being extra attentive. The largest discounts are still offered to good drivers in this state.

As discussed above it is important to find saving opportunities even if you have a claim or traffic ticket. If you don’t take preventative measures, costs will shoot drastically all of a sudden. Living in a nicer neighborhood, having a safe car and owning home are some of the factors that can affect rates. You can find out more about those discounts by following the link on the subtitle. Knowing a little bit more about policies should help you in the process of arranging coverage especially if you choose to go on your own.

It is not all about the qualifications for discounts. You should also have a different attitude than most drivers if you want the best deals. There are certainly a few secrets to cheap auto insurance and dealing with carriers. However, most motorists can learn them pretty quickly and apply immediately.

One of those attitudes you need to adopt is to never rush into making a quick decision. Instead take a bit time to get a few quotes and compare all the options. In other words, you should look into all of them carefully to make sure that you pick the best policy package to meet your needs and budget.

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